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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Discovering the Tools You Need to Live Your Best Life


As a health psychologist, my mission is to help people understand and cope with illness, and stress, to foster emotional and physical well-being, and to walk along side my clients while providing them with tools. I enjoy working with clients who are motivated, reflective, and interested in learning more about themselves.  


I am also passionate about working with professionals, healers, therapists, and highly-sensitive people ("empaths") who struggle with their gift.  If you are not sure what an empath is, I encourage you to check out my blog on Empaths and Mental Health

If you would like to learn more about therapy or about connecting for a consultation, please reach out via e-mail (drhwadeson@gmail.com) or call at (417) 319 - 6076

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Self-care strategies

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Set Boundaries

It's OK to say no. Always consider if you have the mental and physical resources to accept the task or request. Relationships can be challenging to navigate at times. Therapy can help provide interpersonal effectiveness skills to improve your ability to handle conflict with others and maintain stable relationships.

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Generally, we need about 7-9 hours of sleep a night. If we are running low on sleep, our immune systems are weakened and we are more vulnerable to illnesses. Having trouble sleeping? I can help!

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Seek social support

Whether you need a hug from a friend or someone to listen to you, we are all hard-wired to seek out support during difficult times. It's OK to ask for help!

Meditation by the Sea

Be Mindful

Take a moment to observe your environment. Use all of your senses. Be present. Mindfulness is a great coping tool for reducing stress. If you would like to learn more coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety,  make an appointment! 

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Humans are biologically drawn towards foods high in sugar and fat during times of stress.  We also turn to food when we are bored. Learn ways to decrease emotional eating, listen to your body's internal cues, and live a healthier lifestyle without feeling "ruled" by food. 

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Snuggle with a pet

Pets can help us in so many ways. Come check out Restore Counseling Center's therapy dog, Moose!


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