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I am able to see people in the comfort of their own homes with the help of telehealth. I use a HIPAA compliant platform for video chatting if you are unable to physically come to the office. I prefer to meet clients at least once in person before moving to online sessions. 

Due to various state laws, there are restrictions regarding mental health care workers providing services across state lines. My license allows me to practice in Missouri. Some states allow a provider to temporarily provide services to a client who is out of state, but those provisions vary significantly from state to state. However, there are states in which I will have the ability to practice in once the "ePassport" has been approved. 

Prior to beginning our Telehealth session, I may ask you to confirm your physical and geographical location (which will help avoid unintentionally practicing across state lines). In some cases, I may ask you to rotate your camera 360 degrees (to show that there is no one else in the room). I may discuss considerations for the suitability of distance therapy for you, as a client. Lastly, I may ask for you to provide additional contact information if our session is unexpectedly interrupted due to technical failures or an emergency.