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Psychological Evaluations

An evaluation is an intervention that creates an opportunity for a detailed dialogue and objective understanding of your concerns and treatment goals. 


There are many reasons why someone might benefit from a psychological evaluation including treatment planning, gaining more insight into their current issues, or for more specific reasons.



Evaluations are available for individ
uals aged 16 and up.  


The evaluation typically takes one or more testing sessions that last 4-6 hours each, depending on the referral question. I start with a 60–90-minute intake to gather a detailed history and create specific questions to answer during the evaluation. 


  • Psychological Evaluations for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes

  • Adult ADHD Psychological Evaluations

  • Pre-Surgical Bariatric Psychological Evaluations

  • Psychoeducational Evaluations (i.e., learning disorders)


The cost of the evaluation depends on the referral question and how many hours of testing are needed to complete the evaluation. 

Following the consultation, we will meet for 1 or more testing sessions.


Starting January 1st, 2024, I will be charging $175/hour for testing, in addition to 2 hours of report writing ($350; although I spend more than 2 hours on the report, recommendations, etc.) 

In the interest of providing the most efficient and highest quality care, I do not accept insurance.


For payment, I accept cash, check, Venmo, or credit cards. For evaluations, a 2.75% convenience fee will be added for credit card payments. No additional fees will be included if other forms of payment are provided.


If you are concerned about the cost, I assure you that an evaluation is well worth your time if you are considering it. I provide a comprehensive evaluation with individualized recommendations based on your needs and referral question. 


You will be asked to complete consent forms prior to the evaluation date. In some cases, q
uestionnaires may be sent to you via e-mail that should be completed by family and friends.

Initial Consultation (90 -120 minutes)

I will ask you questions about your history and your current symptoms/presenting problem(s). I prefer to schedule the initial interview on a separate day than the testing so I can have time to prepare my testing materials based on your unique needs. 

Testing (Time varies)​​

This portion of the evaluation is individualized to your specific needs. Some evaluations, such as learning disorder evaluations or psychological evaluations, may require an additional testing appointment. 

Feedback session (1 hour)

​After I review your results, I will discuss them with you in a detailed feedback session.  You will receive a comprehensive written report with detailed and concrete treatment recommendations and resources. 


I will make every effort to answer all your questions, and if more questions arise later after our session, I am always happy to hear from you and talk with you more.


You are not expected to answer everything correctly or to excel at everything. There is no way to "fail" a psych eval. You are simply asked to do the best you can. Every effort is made to ensure your comfort throughout the evaluation (e.g., snack breaks, opportunities to ask questions, etc.) and most people find that the time goes by surprisingly fast. 

With my comprehensive evaluations, you will learn more about yourself and walk away with a tangible product that you can review. 


It is common for people to assume that if they come in with a diagnosis in mind (i.e., ADHD), that they will receive that diagnosis after testing. The process of testing will start out by asking broader and deeper questions, as opposed to determining if you have a certain diagnosis. While the diagnosis is an important part of the puzzle, it is equally (if not more) vital to get a deeper understanding of what is going on. My goal is to help sort through the puzzle pieces and create a clearer picture of your unique strengths and areas of growth. 

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